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Berkley Gulp! Trigger Spray Attractant - Shrimp

Berkley Gulp! Trigger Spray Attractant - Shrimp



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The trigger spray bottle shoots a stream or a. spray, and enhances a baits effectiveness. whether it's a soft bait, a hard bait, or a live bait.

Even the most visually compelling baits need some scent to attract plenty of fish. Berkley's Gulp! Spray attractant has a shrimp scent to attract predator species, and it comes in a convenient spray bottle, making it easy to apply and enhance your favorite baits.
This attractant works like a “blood trail” to lure in any nearby fish and enhance the effectiveness of your bait. Use on any and all of your bait after each use to make it taste and smell alive for your next catch. 8 oz. bottle.