Betts Billy Bay Click Clackers Oval - Orange Weighted

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Color: Yellow
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Billy Boy 775-O-O Aggravator-Lead Wgt 2-1/2" Oval Orange Item Description. This fishing technique is designed to put the lure and hold it in the zone. It acts like a lure as well as attracts the fish with its splashing and "clicking" sound that imitates bait fish. The fly fishing, hunting, shooting or archery enthusiast along with personalized, efficient service. All of our products are 100% authentic and come direct from the manufacturer.

  • Changes your depth quickly by sliding bobber stop up or down
  • The Adjustable Depth Aggravator adds a whole new dimension to your fishing    and lures
  •  You can control the depth
  •  Adds more action, then stops for the bite while suspended
  •  The sight, sound, splashing-clicking and popping noises, make a sound like bait fish, which attracts the feeding fish.




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