Bianchi Professional, Bia 19234 100 Professional Rh Glk19

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The professional is an inside the waistband holster that meets the requirements for deep concealment.This design features a high back that provides a shield between the body and the sharp edges of the pistol.The belt clip provides easy on and off convenience, yet securely anchors the holster to the belt.It rides at optimum angle inside waistband to ensure proper firing grip on the draw.A heavy duty spring steel clip secures the holster to the waistband.This model is compatible with beretta 8000/8040/8045; glock 19/23/29/30; hk-p2000.

Belt Size: 1.75" Wide
Type: Concealment Holster
Color: Tan
Material: Leather
Hand: Right
Finish: Smooth
Firearm Fit: Ber 8000/8040/8045/ Glock 19/23/29/30/HK-P2000
Other Firearms Fit: Sig P225/228/229/239; S&W 4516/5943/6900
Mount Type: Belt Clip
Gun Type: Handgun
Compartments: 1