Big Bite Baits Hybrid Swimmer

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Blending the popular swimmer-style paddle tail with a fork tail minnow profile, the Big Bite Baits Hybrid Swimmer incorporates a subtle swimming action into your traditional fluke-style soft plastic baits. Perfect for cold water applications or when dealing with tons of fishing pressure, the hybrid swimmer performs when the fish will only bite a more approachable offering.

Designed with a slimmed-down body and flat back, the ringed body section generates unique quivering vibrations and encourages slight tail movements that bass simply can’t resist. Deadly when paired with a Big Bite Baits Pendulate Jighead, this bite-sized swimmer can also be used as a spinnerbait or chatterbait trailer and fished effectively on an umbrella rig, finesse jighead, or even a Texas or Carolina rig. Available in clamshell packaging so every bait retains its original shape, the Big Bite Baits Hybrid Swimmer provides anglers with a non-intimidating and versatile baitfish shape.

Length Quantity
3.3" 7
3.8" 6