Booyah Boo Spin Rig - Double Willow Apline

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The incredibly weedless Booyah Boo Spin Rig provides just the right amount of flash to compliment your favorite squarebills, jerkbaits, Texas-rigged swimbaits, and even spinnerbaits. Equipped with either a Colorado/willow blade combo or a tandem willow blade, the Booyah Boo Spin Rig creates an incredibly effective “bait chase” presentation. Utilize the alluring shine of the Booyah Boo Spin Rig to beat up on fish in shallow waters, weeds, or deep ledges.

  • 1/2Oz 9" Double Willow Apline.
  • 1/4Oz 9" Double Willow Apline
  • 3/8Oz 9" Double Willow Apline