Booyah Prank Topwater 5/16 oz

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There has never been a lure like the BOOYAH Prank. A lipped popper, the Prank can be worked on top as a popper that spits water thanks to a cupped and shaved mouth. But it also doubles as a shallow-running crankbait where the shaved back helps impart a serious swimming action. A feather-dressed treble adds the final touch to entice strikes. The Prank is a deadly popper and a crazy crankbait, all in one. It's got a cupped face for spitting, popping, The Booyah Prank may just be that "something different" you need to score big in heavily fished waters.


  • Weight (oz.): 5/16
  • Body Length (in.): 2-1/4
  • Fishing - Water: Freshwater
  • Type: Hard Swim Baits
  • Fishing - Species: Bass