Booyah Squelcher Buzzbait

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Named for its high pitch, metallic squawk, the Booyah Squelcher Buzzbait utilizes a churning presence coupled with a pronounced acoustic signature to tempt big bass into striking. Built around a thick wire frame, the Booyah Squelcher Buzzbait is fitted with a unique S-curved buzz blade that butts up against the rivet to create a piercing agitation with each revolution. The blade also provides added lift, which allows anglers to slow down around high percentage areas without sinking.

Built with premium materials throughout, the Booyah Squelcher Buzzbait features an oversized 7mm bead that keeps vegetation from impeding the rotation of the blade. Backed by a super-sharp hook and fitted with a wire baitkeeper that locks trailers in place, the Booyah Squelcher Buzzbait plays to the predatory instincts of bass with a deafening auditory disturbance.