Browning Trail Cameras Defender Pro, Btc Dwps-vzw Defender Wireless Pro Scout Verizion

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Browning trail cameras introduces the defender wireless pro scout series of cameras.Features adjustable infrared led illumination at night (powersave, long range, fast motion); 1600 x 900 hd+ videos with sound (5 sec.-2 min.Length); illuma-smart technology automatically adjusts ir flash for perfect night photos and sd card management.Operates on a nationwide 4g lte network verizon.

Audio: Yes
Picture Or Video: Photo/Video
Resolution: 18MP
Flash: Adjustable
Power Source: 12V DC/Solar Panel
Memory: SD Card Slot/Up to 512GB
Pir Setting: 80'
Photo Settings: Burst Mode 1-8
Video Settings: 1600x900 HD
Stamp: Camera ID/Date/Moon/Temp/Time