Buck Bomb Game Scent Acorn Rage 6.5Oz Fogger

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The Buck Bomb game lures are and aerosol based attractant designed to be used as either a light spray or a fogger. If used a bomb to cover an area the 6.5 oz can has the ability to carry 1/4 mile in a 3 mph breeze. The buck bomb will unleash an ultra concentrated scent to lure in those big bucks.

Specifications and Features:

  • Buck Bomb Ambush MM-BB-AR-33
  • Acorn Rage
  • Deer Attractant
  • Aerosol Spray Can
  • Can be used in Bursts
  • Can be used as Fogger
  • Cloud will drift 1/4 Mile in a 3 MPH breeze
  • 6.5 oz Can