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Buck Bomb Game Scent - Ambush 6.5Oz Fogger

Buck Bomb Game Scent - Ambush 6.5Oz Fogger


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Bucks and does are lured with the Buck Bomb Ambush Scent. Made of 100% premium deer urine, it reaches up to 1/4 mile for improved downwind attraction and protection. It stays on logs, trees, leaves and crops on contact and leaves traces of natural scent.The Buck Bomb game lures are and aerosol based attractant designed to be used as either a light spray or a fogger. If used a bomb to cover an area the 6.5 oz can has the ability to carry 1/4 mile in a 3 mph breeze. The buck bomb will unleash an ultra concentrated scent to lure in those big bucks.

Specifications and Features:

  • Buck Bomb Ambush MM-BB-AM-01
  • Deer Urine
  • Deer Attractant
  • Aerosol Spray Can
  • Can be used in Bursts
  • Can be used as Fogger
  • Cloud will drift 1/4 Mile in a 3 MPH breeze
  • 6.5 oz Can