Buck Bomb Game Scent - Doe Estrus 6.5Oz Fogger

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Buck Bomb, 6.65 OZ, 100% Doe In Estrus Urine, Used As An Attractant To Simulate A Ready To Be Bred Doe & Brings Out Aggressive Mating Behavior In Bucks, Best Used During The Pre-Rut & Rut.

Specifications and Features:

  • Buck Bomb Doe in Estrus MM-BB-DE-33
  • Doe-in-Heat Urine Scent 
  • Deer Attractant
  • Aerosol Spray Can
  • Can be used in Bursts
  • Can be used as Fogger
  • Cloud will drift 1/4 Mile in a 3 MPH breeze
  • 6.5 oz Can