Cajun Back Bay Thunder Weighted Float

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The Cajun Thunder and its siblings are classic surface fish attractors. The Cajun Thunder features a foam float with a stainless-steel thru wire, solid brass beads, plastic beads and premium swivels for the attachment of lines at both ends. The two solid brass beads and two large plastic beads create a intense sounding bait-click and also transfer weight from the leader to the Cajun Thunder. This enhances the action of attached live bait or an artificial jig.

The weighted Cajun Thunder can be cast further and will allow the use of lighter artificials. It will also provide a vehicle for casting live bait without having to add weight to the leader.

  •  2.5" - 1 Pack.


  •  Ideal for fishing in both freshwater and saltwater
  •  Suitable for use with most lures and live baits
  • Emits a clicking sound to entice fish
  •  Florescent colored foam float for good visibility and buoyancy
  •  Stainless-steel wire provides strength
  •  Premium swivels and solid brass beads
  • Made in USA