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Cajun Custom Rods Hella-Bomb Casting 7'9"

Cajun Custom Rods Hella-Bomb Casting 7'9"


Cajun Custom Rods

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Now introducing our 2017 Hella-Bomb swimbait series casting/spinning rods. They’re engineered to cast medium to large size bass swim baits and light to medium saltwater rigs. Need to sling that 1-3 oz swimbait between the floating dock or seawall Or maybe you’re in need of the perfect balance between rod muscle and tip sensitivity.

  • Our Hella-Bomb swimbait series rods combine our proprietary blends of CFX30™, CFX36™, and CFX+™ carbon fibers
  • A high rod sensitivity (sensation) versus rod strength (power and durability) versus weight ratios to give you the edge in your next open water adventure.
  • Casting 7Ft 9In Heavy / Fast 3/8Oz-1 1/2Oz