Carbon Express Piledriver 22" Carbon Crossbow Bolt

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The PileDriver Crossbolt is designed for the hunter who wants ultimate penetration. Its engineered to create maximum kinetic energy and greater knock-down power. Advanced construction ensures spine consistency for greater accuracy and the composite material is extremely durable at impact for exceptional reliability and repeat performance. Precision-sorted for straightness and weight, creating reliable consistency shot after shot.

  • Bone Crushing Penetration – Engineered for maximum kinetic energy & greater knock down power
  • Laser Match Set – Pack sets are sorted & matched by spine and weight for best-in-class consistency. Spine sorting tolerance +/- .0025” & Weight sorting tolerance +/- 2.0 grains.
  • +/- .002 Real Straightness – Laser checked for straightness to remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch, our straightness standards are set as a max not an average like competitors.
  • Universal Nock System – includes inserted moon nocks plus C-Nocks compatible with older crossbows that use a Capture nock.
  • 4” Fusion Vanes