Cashion John Crews Signature Series ICON Rod

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All John Crews ICON Rods come with a Cashion Rod Sleeve

*NEW* - John Crews ICON Swim Jig Rod
7'3" Fast, Medium Heavy
If you’re looking for the ideal rod to make pinpoint accurate casts, but also something with the backbone to lean into those big hooksets, check out the newest addition to the John Crews ICON Signature Series. The man himself, John Crews, describes this rod as, “7-foot 3-inches of absolute perfection for a swim jig.” Whether you’re fishing a Missile Jigs Ike’s Mini Swim Jig or a larger swim jig up to 1 ½ oz, you’re going to want this rod in your lineup. Built by the best rod builders on the planet, this rod will not disappoint!

John Crews ICON Wormin Rod
7'2" Fast, Medium Heavy
Fishing soft plastics has always been a staple in any fishing situation. Does not matter if you are off the bank or beating the bank, a worm is in every fisherman’s tackle bag. A worm to a bass is almost irresistible and there are multiple ways to rig these soft plastics. The John Crews ICON Worming Rod gives you the ability to have a top-tier rod that handles everything you need on the water. This 7’2” Med-Hvy Fast action rod is great for weightless senkos all the weigh to a ¾ oz Texas rig.

John Crews ICON Squarebill Rod
7' Mod-Fast, Medium Heavy
A squarebill has become one of the most versatile shallow water crankbaits to ever hit the market. There are tons of different variations, colors, and actions. It can be a daunting task to make a choice, but you can tame them all with the John Crews ICON squarebill rod. One rod to tackle all your shallow water crankbaits from spring to fall. The 7’ Med-Hvy, Mod-Fast has enough back bone to pull them away from the laydowns with the perfect amount of parabolic bend to keep them pinned. Right now is the perfect time to add this rod to your daily repertoire.

John Crews ICON Micro Jig
7'1" Fast, Medium Heavy
When we first worked with John Crews on his Signature Micro Jig rod, we knew it was something special. Here at Cashion, we took the best of the ICON series and the best of the Micro Jig rod and created something that is lighter and more sensitive than its predecessor. This gives you the ability to feel even the slightest of bites. These tiny jigs may be small, but they put the big ones in the boat when other jigs will not. The incredibly fast and forgiving tip provides maximum action and perfect entry point hook-up. The Med-Hvy backbone allows more confidence when fishing around structure.

John Crews ICON Frog Rod
7' Fast, Heavy
The John Crews ICON Frog rod was built for the slop. Made to pull those pigs out of the thickest of grass and Lilly pads. This frog rod was created with enough back-bone that can stand up to anything. The 7’ Heavy action rod has the perfect amount of tip to allow you to cast with pinpoint accuracy, but not sacrifice distance. You will not want to leave for Guntersville without the John Crews ICON frog rod in your boat locker.

John Crews ICON Drop Shot
7'4" Fast, Medium Heavy
If you have not heard of the dropshot rig, then you have been living under a rock. This technique has been taking the bass world by storm the past few years and has proved to be the way to catch big ones from north to south and east to west. This finesse technique is one you do not want to ignore, because it could be the difference maker of winning that tournament. This 7’4″ Fast, Med-Hvy spinning rod is the perfect length for when laying into those bass. This helps keep the small hook pinned just right, making it easier to land feisty smallmouth on those northern lakes.

John Crews ICON Deep Cranking Rod
7'10" Mod-Fast, Medium Heavy
The John Crews ICON Deep Cranking rod provides the perfect parabolic bend that aids in longer casts and better hooksets. That six pounder will not come off due to the constant tension and contact you will have all the way to the boat. This 7’10” Mod – Fast rod will be perfect for helping you feel those stumps and rocks, which will have your hear racing when you set the hook.