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CORE Series – Worm/Jig Rod
The Cashion CORE Worm and Jig rod has been designed with versatility in mind. The CORE Worm and Jig rod isn’t meant for limited technical use. Whether you are throwing a spinnerbait, a Carolina rig, or a football head jig, this rod is the juice!

CORE Series – Spinning Rod
The Cashion CORE spinning rods are all about power, comfort, and control. These rods provide the power for hooksets and the sensitivity for fishing shakey heads, drop shots, and other finesse style baits. The Cashion CORE spinning rods were designed to allow casting control and to allow the rod to do the work for you when setting the hook on your next catch.

CORE Series – Flipping Rod
If you’re the type of angler who sees rocks, brush piles, and tangled roots and simply can’t resist pitching a creature bait into it, this rod is for you. The CORE Flipping rods come in at a 7’6” length which helps with line handling and quieter presentations when flipping your bait into shallow water. This blank has been designed with the backbone to ensure a solid hookset. The Cashion CORE Flipping rod enables you to retrieve trophy bass out of some of the thickest cover out there.

CORE Series – Cranking Rod
It’s all about having the proper tools of the trade. When it comes to throwing a crankbait, you have to have a rod with softer action that helps with accuracy when throwing smaller baits into tighter spots. You also have to consider having a rod for open-water casting and deep cranking ledges. The CORE Cranking lineup has a rod for each consideration including a 6’6” mod-fast medium-heavy, a 7’ mod-fast medium-heavy, and a 7’6” mod-fast medium-heavy offering. The choice is yours!

CORE Series – A-Rig Rod
The Umbrella rig, a-rig, Alabama rig, whatever you call it, there’s one thing for certain, you’re going to need the right rod for throwing these schooling baitfish-mimicking rigs. The new Cashion CORE Umbrella Rig Rod features a 7’10” mod-fast, heavy blank that is perfect for slinging these big baits! The CORE Umbrella Rig Rod is rated for 17-65 lb. line weight and ½-2 oz lure weight. The blank design will afford you the ability to load up to make big bombing casts, while the softer tip will help with absorption when setting the hook on your next personal best.

SKU Technique Blank Action, Power Lure Wt. (oz) Line Wt. (lb test)
cC8457 Crankbait 7' Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 5/16-3/4 10-17
cC90576 Crankbait 7'6" Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8-3/4 10-14
cF90476 Flipping 7'6" Fast, Med-Hvy 1/4-1 12-50
cF90676 Flipping 7'6" Fast, Hvy 1/4-1 1/2 12-65
cM78266 Worm, CR, Jig, Spinnerbait 6'6" Fast, Med 1/8-1/2 10-14
cM8427 Worm, CR, Jig, Spinnerbait 7' Fast, Med 1/8-1/2 10-15
cM8437 Worm, CR, Jig, Spinnerbait 7' Fast, Med-Hvy 3/16-3/4 12-17
cM8447 Worm, CR, Jig, Spinnerbait 7' Fast, Hvy 1/4-1 14-20
cM87373 Worm, CR, Jig, Spinnerbait 7'3" Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8-1 14-25
cS956710u A-Rig 7'10" Mod-Fast, Hvy 1/2-2 17-65

Spinning Series

cM78266s Shaky Head Skipping 6'6" Fast, Med 1/8-3/8 6-12
cP8427s Dropshot 7' Fast, Med-Lt 1/16-3/8 6-10
cP8437s All Purpose 7' Fast, Med 1/8-1/2 6-12
cP8447s All Purpose 7' Fast, Med-Hvy 3/16-5/8 8-12