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CK SERIES – Chattergrass Rod
Kayak Chattergrass Fishing Rod – The CK Chattergrass has an action like no other blank Cashion has made. The tip loads very fast and cast like a dream, but the tip is approximately 18” and then it turns to solid backbone. The Chattergrass kayak fishing rod excels fishing around grass. The tip doesn’t require a huge motion for casting because it loads so fast and the tip is soft enough to allow maximum action on your favorite Chatterbait to dart in and out of cover or grass. The backbone paired with the tip allows for popping baits loose from grass and gives the bait a great action when popping loose or ripping out.

CK Series – Flipping Rod
Kayak Flipping Fishing Rod Design – Is anything better than a great flipping bite? Pitching your creature bait into the perfect cover and feeling that thud, then hammering a hook set and powering a big girl out of cover. There is a lot that makes that successful. First, you need the best fishing rod for flipping. At Cashion we are so proud of the Kayak Flipping fishing rod. Cashion has always made a great flipping rod and now we designed one specifically for kayak fishing. Flipping combines all the great attributes of a Cashion rod, sensitivity, power, and comfort.

CK Series- Cranking Rod
Kayak Cranking Fishing Rod Design – Cashion has designed the perfect cranking rod for kayak fishing. With a single rod you can pound the bank throwing to structure with a square bill, cast against a rip-rap bank with a wiggle wart, or pull off a point and hit a stump in 12’ of water. The parabolic action of the Cashion Kayak fishing rod has to be experienced. The kayak cranking blank loads great for casting plugs for accuracy or distance. The parabolic action will assist on hook up and prevent from pulling hooks out of the fishes mouth. The action of the kayak cranking rod allows the fish to engulf crankbaits providing the best opportunity for a solid hook up.

CK SERIES – Shaky Head Rod
Kayak Spinning Rod Design – Everything starts with the carbon fiber fishing rod blank. Cashion designed ALL NEW blank actions specifically for the CK kayak fishing rod series. New blanks were necessary to ensure the rods were perfect for kayak fishing. The new kayak spinning rod blank is 7’2” with a reinforced tip that is fast loading but very responsive. The reinforced tip in combination with the Medium Heavy backbone allow for lighting fast energy transfer on hook set. Responsive hook sets are necessary on a kayak because the boat is usually not stationary and will drift with current, wind, or pulled toward your hook set.

CK SERIES – Worming Rod
Kayak Worm/Jig Fishing Rod Design – Sensitivity, balance, and power are the first things you will notice about the Cashion Kayak Worm Fishing Rod. Worm and jig fishing are techniques that demand balance in a fishing rod. When you fish a Texas-rigged worm, jig, Carolina-rig, football head, etc you always point the rod tip up. The Cashion Kayak Worm Fishing Rod is counter balanced so it perfectly balances with a reel to slightly raise the tip up. You can’t afford to fight a tip heavy worm rod all day.


SKU Technique Blank Action, Power Lure Wt. (oz) Line Wt. (lb test)
CKsh72MHFs Spinning Shaky Head 7'2" Fast, Med-Hvy 1/8 - 5/8 8-12
CKcg74MHF Chattergrass 7'4" Fast, Med-Hvy 1/4 - 1 1/2 10-20
CKwj73MHF Worming 7'3" Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8 - 1 14-25
CKc73MHMF Cranking 7'3" Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8 - 3/4 10-14
CKf76MHF Flipping 7'6" Fast, Med-Hvy 1/4 - 1 12-50