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Cass Creek Game Call Ampli-Fire Moose/Deer
Cass Creek Game Call Ampli-Fire Moose/Deer

Cass Creek Game Call Ampli-Fire Moose/Deer


Cass Creek

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The Cass Creek Ampli-Fire Moose/Deer Electronic Game call gives you all the features you are looking for in an electronic game call at a great price. This call gives you all the big sound of a stand-alone speaker system with the ease of use of a compact caller. Call indicator buttons and volume control on the back of the call allow you to keep the call pointed at your game at all times, and the belt clip allows for easy carrying in and out of the field. This call has a natural bark finish and operates from 3 AA batteries (included).
    Bull Reply- a series of short grunts that calls other bulls in
    Irritated Cow- intense and passionate sound of a cow being tended by a bull
    Bull Grunt- issues a challenge to any bull in the area
    Antler Thrashing- bulls crushing and thrashing antlers
    Cow Call- five to six vocalizations calling available bulls
    Buck Grunt-the communication and mating call of a buck tending a doe
    Tending Grunt-a low volume vocalization made by an eager buck prior to breeding a doe
    Rattling Antlers- the sound of two bucks fighting
    Snort/Wheeze- highly aggressive call made by a dominant buck just prior to fighting another buck
    Lost Fawn- a stressed, drawn out call often used by a young deer when separated from their mother