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Formulated to encourage activity at primary and mock scrapes, Scrape Mate® is a unique hunting scent that contains urine from an individual buck that has been intensified with glandular secretions. Use early in the season to arouse curiosity then late in the season to send a strong territorial-infringement signal. Pattern those trophy bucks more easily by pouring the scent directly on scrapes, then watch the bucks keep it fresh.

  1. Pure urine collected from a single buck enhanced with natural tarsal gland secretions
  2. Delivers a strong, musky smell that drives bucks wild
  3. Promotes scrape activity and aids in patterning bucks
  4. Amber glass bottle locks in freshness and potency
  5. Collected using the From One Deer to One Bottle® process, guaranteeing each bottle contains urine from only one deer
  6. Labeled with the deer’s unique registration number

  • Pour on early-season scrapes to peak the bucks curiosity
  • Pour in late-season to attract bucks intent on protecting their territory
  • Use on single drag and trail to your stand.
  • Highly effective when used in conjunction with rattling and grunt calls
  • Seasonal Use: Early, Mid, Late
  • 1 oz. bottle