Code Blue Game Scent Scrape Mate 1 Oz

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Buck urine collected from a single buck and intensified with natural gland secretions. Code Blue's Scrape Mate will create unbelievalbe scrape activity, lip curling, and even rubbing! This unique product increases and promotes activity on mock scrapes or primary scrapes where bucks are marking their territory. Whether early-season curiosity or late-season territorial infringement, Scrape Mate bring sthem in. Pour it on a scrape and watch the bucks keep it fresh. Trophy bucks are notoriously nocturnal, but Scrape Mate will help you pattern them - all season long.  Arouse curiosity in the early season or rage from territorial infringement in the later part of the season.  Code Blue's 1-buck-per-bottle policy makes this deer attractant stronger and more realistic.


  • Collected from one buck per bottle
  • Great all season long
  • Pour in a scrape to create curiosity 

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