Code Blue Rope-a-Dope Game Scent

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Bucks will deposit scent from their glands on low-hanging limbs by vigorously licking and rubbing to mark their territory with an unmistakable aroma! The Rope-A-Dope™ combo helps amplify the action!

Code Blue® Rack Rub® is the ultimate forehead gland and preorbital scent for stimulating rub activity.

The special gel formulation is long lasting and provides smooth even coverage on the included rope to help bring bucks into shooting lanes or in front of your Moultrie" camera!


Attach rope to a licking branch over an existing or mock scrape using included zip tie.

Generously brush Rack Rub® onto the rope.

For added intensity during the rut, add a bottle of Code Blue Doe Estrous to the scrape.

  • Weather-resistant cotton synthetic blend rope – 3 ft. x 1 in.
  • 2 oz. bottle of Rack Rub® gel
  • Use all season