Code Red Buck-N-Does Combo

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This combo has all the Code Red® scents you need no matter which part of deer season you’re in!

For early-season use:

Opportunities abound during early in the season! Pull out Doe Urine as a cover, calming scent, and attractant, and use Buck Urine as a curiosity-triggering scent.

For mid-to-late season use:

Mid-season is marked by signs of pre-rut activity as bucks begin to claim their territory via scrapes and rubs. Use Buck Urine during this time in active scrapes to present the challenge of an intruder. During the rut and late in the season, Buck Urine is great for bringing out dominant bucks insistent on protecting their territory. To lure in those bucks scorching a trail in pursuit of does in heat, Doe Estrous is a great option to use at scrapes or on wicks and drags near your hunting site.
  • Includes three premium blended Code Red® scents—Doe Estrous, Buck Urine, and Doe Urine—to cover you for every stage of deer season
  • Amber glass bottles lock in freshness and potency
  • Liquid
  • Pour freely or use with wicks or drags
  • Three (3) 2 fl. oz. amber glass bottles
  • Seasonal use: Early, mid, late