Conquest Stink Stick Evercalm Scent

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SKU: C16004
  •   Scent dispersion device
  •   Includes one tube of Ever Calm scent
  •   Great way to disperse calming scent into the woods

Stink Stick’s innovative features and scent dispersion can now be used with Con Quest Scents wax-stick formula to create the ultimate scent combination!  The tapered thread (instead of o-rings) will keep the air out and keep the scent fresh.  The leak-free design is safe to keep in your pack so no more mess!  The Stink Stick even works in sub-freezing temperatures. The bright  color of the Stink Stick allows you to use this as a yardage or trail marker.

Package Includes: 

  • One Stink Stick scent dispenser
  • One wax tube of Ever Calm
  • 1 wooden dowel for installation of the wax tube into the Stink Stick