Daiichi Bait Hook Black Nickel Circle Wide - 6 Pack

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Until recently Daiichi made only small hooks. In fact when first asked to make larger hook patterns, the technicians at Daiichi looked perplexed. They could not believe what an easy task they were being asked to perform. As a direct result of the Daiichi team's small hook expertise, consistently perfect hooks are now yours! Daiichi's point's are precision forged to look perfect while remaining sharp over the long-haul. Daiichi hooks have two types of low profile barbs, allowing for faster penetration. Mini barb - the standard Daiichi barb - cuts into 40% of the hooks' wire diameter. Microbarb provides the ultimate combination of sharpness and holding power, cutting into only 20% of the wire. With a carbon content rating of 80, Daiichi hooks hammer competitors in their carbon content. This translates to harder steel and sharper points. Carefully flex the hook gap a little. This combination of strength while maintaining flexibility separates the top quality hooks from the others! Daiichi takes longer to temper their hooks, but as you can feel, its worth it. Did the hook you flexed have flattened edges in the hook bend? That's forging. The forging process adds almost 20% in strength to the wire. If you flexed a forged hook, you probably didn't move it too far. The Daiichi forging adds strength, but keeps your hook as fine as possible for sharpness and livelier bait action. 

Priced as 6 Packs


  • Circle Wide Hooks Black Nickel
  • Wide gap circle hook, light wire.
  • The Perfect Crossing Between the Wide Gap and the Circle Hook


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