Daiwa Darkwater Bait Shaker

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Don’t waste time taking off the live bait you just caught, use the Bait Shaker from Daiwa. Easily dump your ballyhoo or other bait straight into your bait well without ever having to touch them and risk them not being lively and fresh when needed. The EVA foam handle allows for a secure grip. The Bait Shaker works awesome with sabiki rigs. Deck hands will love this tool. It works great for getting fish out the ice hole as well!
  • Works great for sabiki rigs
  • Easily removes just caught bait
  • Drop the bait right into the bait well
  • No fussing with fresh bait
  • No risking stressing your fresh bait
  • Works for pulling fish through the ice hole too
  • EVA handle 20 inches total length