Dead Down Wind Scent Elimination E3 Field Spray 24 Oz Bottle

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  • Evolve 3 features proprietary bio-engineered Nanozyme technology.
  • Prevents and terminates the full spectrum of odor molecules including human, smoke, gas and all other contaminated odors.

The Dead Down Wind Field Spray, Evolve, helps to mask you from your prey. In addition to eliminating normal human odors, it also covers up the smell of gasoline and other man-made contaminants. It can conceal the smells that you can pick up when you're fueling your vehicle, loading weapons, cooking with propane and so on. This Dead Down Wind spray prevents your quarry from catching your scent and running before you can get your shot. There is of spray in every bottle, enough to cover you a Dead Down Wind Evolve 3-Scent Prevent Field Spray.

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