Dead Down Wind Scent Elimination Laundry Pods 28 Count

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You'll never bag a buck if your hunting clothes smell like a moldy basement or dirty ashtray. That's why you need Dead Down WindTM Laundry Detergent. Dead Down Wind Laundry Bombs use multiple enzymes in a biological formulation for exceptional elimination off odors and stains. Now packaged in easy-to-use multi-chamber packs with 50% more enzymes.

  • Eliminates chemical and organic odors found on your hunting clothes
  • Removes the toughest stains and odors
  • Safe to use on a range of materials, including carbon-treated, natural, synthetic, and technical clothing
  • Contains no antimicrobials or harsh chemicals; safe for sensitive skin
  • No UV brighteners; will not cause fading
  • Extends the life of your garments
  • Approved for High-Efficiency washers and standard machines
  • 28 Bombs per container