Deps Balisong Minnow Suspending Jerkbait

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SKU: BM100SP/09

Introducing a suspending jerkbait that excels for lethargic bass in cold water. This versatile bait can perform several functions.

With a steady retrieve, the bait has a rolling action with a higher pitch than the floating model and will also dive deeper. This expands your depth range and helps in tough conditions.

When twitches and jerks are added, it creates a clicking sound similar to a baitfish and the variable balance system gives it sharp and erratic movements.

The lure is extremely effective from fall into early spring.


Model Length Weight Depth
Balisong Minnow 100 Suspending 4" 5/8 oz 2'-4'
Balisong Minnow 130 Suspending 5" 7/8 oz 3'-5'

A rolling action that is louder the faster you work it!

The rolling movements are wide and the bait is nearly sideways during the retrieve. The suspending model is a tighter action than the floating version, but both create excellent movement in the water.

In addition, even light jerks will attract fish from long distances. The bait can also be fished with a high-speed retrieve in clear water.

It stays in a natural forward-leaning posture with a quiver when paused.
The rotating front hook helps to avoid snags.

The internal structure has been completely redesigned, and the 100 size is equipped with the same large moving weight as the 130 size, which gives you an outstanding casting distance with a stable trajectory. The weight also helps to create a better action as it moves through the water.

V-shaped belly and hook placement are designed for better hookup percentages.

The V-shaped berry that fits perfectly on the hook sand lets it rest smoothly while the bait is moving. Even though they are thick oversized hooks, they will not tangle even when fishing slowly with heavy line.