Deps Bull Flat Creature Bait

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A soft bluegill-imitation that can be fished in several different ways. The bluegill lives everywhere from small ponds to rivers or large reservoirs and bass feed on them anywhere they coexist. The “Bull Flat” was made to have the same and profile of a bluegill and casts great. It has a bellow-shaped tail that vibrates and moves with any movement of the water. The arms also cause vibration and look just like the fins of a bluegill.

  • 5.8" (4 /pack) 1.6oz – Recommended offset hook: #7/0
  • 4.8" (4 / pack) 1oz – Recommended offset hook: #5/0
  • 3.8" (6 / pack) – 1 / 2oz – Recommended offset hook: # 4/0
  • 3" (6 / pack) 1 / 4oz – Recommended offset hook: # 1 to # 2/0
  • 2" (10 / pack) 1 / 16oz – Recommended hooks: Offset hooks # 4 to # 6

Contains crustacean ingredients preferred by predators and 20% of the plastic is an ultra-soft material with high tensile strength. This material also holds hooks solidly and prevents tearing. Note: the two-inch contains 10% of this material.

Plastic with no salt content is deal for worms fished on Free Rigs, weightless Texas-Rigs, and Carolina-Rigs so the bait can move freely without sinking as quickly. The buoyancy of the plastic, when weighted, gives the bait a slower fall so the bass can see the bluegill silhouette of the bait.

The bellows-shaped tail grabs water even when barely moving through the water and gives the bait a natural swimming action.

The arms on the back fin and the rear fin, generate a micro-vibration wave that moves when the bait is at rest or moving.

As it falls on a Texas-Rig or on the bait of a jig, it creates a unique spiraling action that looks just like a bluegill. When fished on a Free Rig, with the weight fixed and the bait moving freely, the action will be tighter as the bait falls.

With quick lift and drops of the rod or when fished on a heavy drop-shot, the bellow rail tumps hard and creates a commotion on the bottom.