Deps Frilled Shad Swimbait

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Real action that trembles and rolls. “Frilled Shad” is a realistic reproduction of streamlined baitfish such as a smelt that live in many waters. The bait has a quivering action and unique twisting swimming action. In addition, a rolling action with a shaking from side to side is created during the retrieve. Just swim it back and the bait will do the rest. FRILLED SHAD is 4.7 inches and comes five per pack.

The mold of the bait creates an ultra-realistic body and it includes lifelike eyes. The combination makes it look just like a baitfish and will get more bites in tough situations. The clear color has n salt and includes deep grooves to look just like the scales of a baitfish

The low specific density soft material gives it free-flowing movement on a jighead and also holds a hook well.

The fan-shaped lip that spreads over the head passes the water stream around the bait and also creates a rolling action with unique trembling action. The bait looks just like a baitfish and the soft body makes it lifelike and appeals to wary bass.

The lip acts as a brake to reduce the movement more slowly, and it is possible to effectively work rocks and sticks where bass live.

Also, since the hook is hidden, it acts like a weedguard.

The tail sways to follow the body and the action makes it look more like baitfish.