Deps Korrigan Magnum Squarebill Crankbait

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SKU: KM150/05

The Deps Korrigan Magnum is a deep-diving square bill crankbait designed with four ribs on the side of the body to create water flow resistance, which tightly suppresses the swing width of the body to generate a tight stirring action and straight forward push. The thin square lip and high buoyancy body helps to enhance obstacle avoidance and regaining position after encountering structure. 

Model: Length: Weight:  Depth:
Korrigan 150 2.6 inch 1/2 oz 5-7 ft
Korrigan 250 2.6 inch 5/8 8-10 ft
Korrigan 350 2.6 inch 2/3 oz 13-15 ft
Korrigan 450 2.6 inch 2/3 oz 14-16 ft