DLC Covert LB-V3 | 3 Camera Pack | Verizon Certified

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  • Up to 1100 Yards Transmitting Distance
  • Comes with a case pack: base unit + 3 connected cams
  • Supports solar panel / auxiliary power
  • LoRa low-power consumption technique
  • 1.5” Color Viewer
  • Up to 32GB SD card
  • 12 AA Batteries
  • Reinforced Tripod Mount
  • Uses one Data Plan

The LoRa technology stands for long-range. It’s a low-power technique to connect up to nine cameras to the base unit, which is certified by Verizon. So simply put—you only have one data plan for nine cameras! The LoRa system does not daisy chain, so each connected camera has its own signal to the base unit. Because of this, if one camera goes down (batteries die, etc.) then the other units continue to work.  This SKU includes one Verizon base unit + 3 connected cameras.

Introducing the Covert Wireless web portal and mobile app, accessible from any smart phone, tablet or computer. Our Certified Cell Cam Series provides advanced M2M (machine-to-machine) communication using our Covert Wireless web portal to deliver superior wireless delivery options and advanced capabilities such as real-time control, weather and wind information, and instant picture viewing. Covert Cameras are motion and heat activated or time lapse triggered and designed to send your images over approved cellular data networks. While images have previously been sent instantly through text message, Covert users are now able to view images at any time via the Covert Wireless mobile app. Covert Scouting Cameras is leading the way in wireless trail cam technology. With these new offered abilities you have the woods and security at your fingertips. Stay best in the game with Covert Scouting Cameras.