Duckett Silverado Rods

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From guides and epoxy, to overall blank design, we have improved upon all facets of this rod series. The Silverado is a quality performance based rod that doesn’t break the bank.

  • Halo-Sanded™ – for a stronger, lighter rod with great sensitivity.
  • Additional external carbon wrap for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Carbon fiber scrim.
  • Sensi-touch blanks- made from the highest quality multi-modulus pre-pregs for an extremely lightweight and durable rod.
  • High impact, cut resistant comfort grip EVA.
  • EVA fore grip for better control and feel.
  • Proprietary designed True Split reel seat for better blank to hand transmission of vibration.
  • Definite separation of tip and backbone for enhanced performance, cast ability and control.
  • New overall guide design and epoxy dramatically reduces any potential guide failures.
  • New proprietary 316 stainless steel frames with groove resistant industrial grade hard chrome inserts.
  • Arrow head design, extended foot, thicker neck and locking wrap to eliminate guide pull out and breakage.
  • Double foot elevated stripper and first running guide that adds strength and provides a smoother transition as well for longer casts and durability.


Model Length Grip # Guides Power Action
DFSV68MH-C 6'8" 10.5" Tip + 9 MHVY FAST
DFSV610M-C 6'10" 10.5" Tip + 9 MED FAST
DFSV70MH-C 7'0" 10.5" Tip + 9 MHVY FAST
DFSV73MH-C 7'3" 11" Tip + 9 MHVY FAST
DFSV73H-C 7'3" 11" Tip + 9 HVY FAST
DFSV76XH-C 7'6" 12" Tip + 10 XHVY XFAST
DFSV70M-CC 7'0" 10.5" Tip + 10 MED MOD
DFSV76MH-CC 7'6" 11" Tip + 10 MHVY FAST
DFSV69MH-S 6'9" 10.5" Tip + 8 MHVY FAST
DFSV70M-S 7'0" 11" Tip + 9 MED FAST