Eagle Claw Catfish Ready Rig

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EAGLE CLAW CATFISH READY RIG 1 1/2 OZ - The Eagle Claw Catfish Ready Rig gives catfish anglers a ready-to-fish option right out of the package! Featuring an 8/0 L7228BP with a platinum black finish, 24" of premium 50lb monofilament line with beads, and a 1 1/2 oz egg sinker attached to an extra-strong crane swivel. Tie the Eagle Claw Catfish Ready Rig on, add your favorite bait, and you're ready to go catfishing!

*Anglers don't need to set the hook when using circle hooks. The design of the circle hook sets itself when an angler starts reeling in. After the catfish takes your bait, wait a few seconds and start reeling in, that is. It might feel awkward at first skipping the hookset, but trust us, it results in a much higher bite to hook-up ratio.