Eagle Claw Jighead 1/32Oz Plain 25 Per Pack

Eagle ClawSKU: EJB00132UH

Size: 1/32Oz
Color: Plain
Sale price$5.39
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These are the most popular of all jigs! All feature a barbed. collar. These heads are professionally painted and double. epoxy coated for maximum durability.

Eagle Claw Double Eye Ballhead Jig hook penetrate faster than other hook. Precise and symmetric ground for consistent performance, low-profile barb design for ultimate holding power.

  • 25 Per Pack
  • 10 Per Pack
  • 1/32Oz Plain
  • 1/16Oz Plain
  •  1/32Oz Chartreuse
  •  1/32Oz Black
  •  1/32Oz Red
  •  1/32Oz Pink
  •  1/16Oz White
  •  1/16Oz Chartreuse
  •  1/16Oz Black
  •  1/16Oz Red
  •  1/16Oz Pink
  • 1/8Oz White
  •  1/8Oz Chartreuse
  • 1/8Oz Black
  •  1/8Oz Red
  • 1/8Oz Pink

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