Evergreen Wild Hunch Crankbait

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Originally designed by BASS Elite Series angler Morizo Shimizu, the Evergreen Wild Hunch Crankbaits have been reintroduced with the same attributes that helped him put those 'big mamas' in the boat during the 2014 Bass Master Classic at Lake Guntersville. Ideal for heavily pressured bodies of water and tough conditions, the stealthy Wild Hunch series 8 crankbaits are back with a superior capacity to avoid snags, attract fish with a tremendous vibration, and give anglers the ability to go deeper in the water column.

Evergreen International is one of Japan's premier tackle companies with a world-renowned reputation for producing high-quality baits that have been proven to out-catch the competition with balanced retrieves and great wobbling action. Equipped with razor-sharp Japanese trebles hooks to help you quickly fill out a limit, the Evergreen WH Crankbait will reward anglers with bites from the most discerning bass whether fishing open water or working this crank through visible structure.

Length Weight Depth
2-1/3" 9/16 oz 6-8ft