Evergreen Zeruch Crankbait

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A full-size shallow-running crankbait for targeting trophy-size bass, the Evergreen Zeruch Crankbait represents 10 years of testing and development from Evergreen prostaff and acclaimed BASS Elite series angler Morizo Shimizu. Featuring a unique body shape to produce the best natural rolling action, the 'bumped' head shape produces an aggressive wobble at any retrieve speed, and the tapered tail design helps accentuate the action.

Built with a rounded square and coffin-shaped bill for excellent deflections, the Evergreen Zeruch crankbait has a fixed internal weight that creates a low center of gravity, completely silent acoustics, and long-distance casting performance. Nicknamed the "Arm of God" after achieving great results in Japan, the Evergreen Zeruch Crankbaits are equipped with offset treble hooks to avoid snags and a slick 'magic' coating for seamless hooksets.

Length Weight Depth
2.8" 0.7 oz 4-5ft