Fenix Wholesale Are-d1, Fenix Ared1 Sing Channel 2a Smrt Multicharg

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SKU: SSO126701
The fenix are-d1 smart battery charger is ready to charge all your different types of rechargeable batteries.The three charging currents on the fenix are-d1 include 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 amps for a variety of different battery types.You can safely charge all your fenix batteries with the four tiers or protection including short circuit, over current, over voltage and reverse-polarity protection.Battery life is extended thanks to the micro-computer chip inside the are-d1 charger that controls and regulates digital charing.Another added feature of the are-d1 charing is the ability to use it as a power bank via the usb discharging port.You can easily see battery charge information and current with the high-definition lcd screen.

Channels: 1
Screen Type: LCD Display
Color: Black