First String Crossbow String Horton Recon/Vision 175

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SKU: F5502-50-0040013

BlackHeart Horton Crossbow String Vision 175, Recon 175, Havoc 150, Havoc 175 - 31.5"

BlackHeart crossbow strings are crafted using the right blend of modern materials, machinery and time-honored techniques. The result, a bowstring featuring our innovative GlideLock center-serving and exclusive DuraWeave construction that makes for the absolute finest bowstring available today. Each string is meticulously handcrafted to fit your crossbow.

DuraWeave String Construction - this process includes pre-stretching the strands, resulting in highly consistent string length - not just out of the box, but shot after shot.

GlideLock Center-Serving - This durability enhancing and friction reducing process virtually locks the center-serving strands together in a way that greatly reduces separation while almost completely eliminating the ridged between them. Less ridges, less friction.