FITEC 2 Ring Crab Net Poly Pack 18" Dia X 8" Deep

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Stationary traps that are baited. Attracted by scent, the lobster or crab crawls through a funnel of netting into the trap and cannot escape.  The traps are later raised to the surface and the lobster/crabs are sorted and harvested.

  • Fitec 2 Ring Crab Net Poly Pack 18In Dia X 8In Deep
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  • Fitec Baitwell / Critter Getter Net 17In Wood Handle 7In Deep Netting
  • Fitec Crab Net 48In Wood Handle 12In Deep Netting 16In Hoop
  • Fitec Minnow / Crawfish Net 48In Wood Handle 18In Deep Netting 16In Hoop