Fitzgerald Fishing Stunner HD Series Rods

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The Fitzgerald Rods Stunner HD Casting and Spinning Rods are designed to perform in any situation. Built around high quality rod blanks that carry a limited lifetime warranty, the Stunner HD Series offers the ideal actions and tapers to fish a full range of baits.

A serious line of rods that will handle all of your fishing needs, the Fitzgerald Stunner HD Series Casting and Spinning Rods are well-balanced, lightweight, and easy to fish all day long. Take your fishing to the next level with Fitzgerald Stunner HD Rods.

Model Rod Length Power Guides Line Weight Lure Weight Handle  Taper Price
ST68MH 6'8"  MED HVY  8+TIP  8-15 LB  3/8 - 3/4 OZ 14 3/4"  FAST $169.99
ST70MH 7'0" MED HVY   8+TIP  8-15 LB  1/4 - 3/4 OZ  15 3/4" FAST $169.99
ST70H 7'0"  HVY  8+TIP 10-20 LB  3/8 - 3/4 OZ  15 3/4" FAST $169.99
ST73MH 7'3"  MED HVY  9+TIP 10-20 LB  1/4 - 3/4 OZ  15 3/4" FAST $179.99
ST73H 7'3" HVY   9+TIP 12-25 LB  1/2 - 1 1/4 OZ  15 3/4" FAST $179.99
ST76MH 7'6" MED HVY   9+TIP 12-25 LB   3/8 - 1 1/4 OZ  16 3/4" FAST $179.99
ST69MS 6'9"  MED   8+TIP  8-15 LB  1/4 - 5/8 OZ 13-1/2" MOD $179.99
ST73MHS 7'3"  MED HVY  9+TIP  8-15 LB  1/8 - 3/4 OZ  15" MOD-FAST $179.99
ST76MHS 7'6"  MED HVY  9+TIP  8-15 LB  1/4 - 3/4 OZ  15"  MOD-FAST $179.99


  • Microwave Guides for longer and smoother casts
  • New Slim Grip Design for Extreme Comfort
  • High Quality Specially Engineered Graphite Blank
  • Proprietary Fitzgerald Fishing Blank Technology
  • Designed to Perform

Each rod also comes equipped with premium Microwave guides strategically placed to maximize the action and performance of each rod. In addition to providing increased casting, distance, accuracy and sensitivity, the American Tackle Microwave Guides with saltwater-gauge stainless steel frames and braid-proof Duralite HD rings offer incredible durability and weight reduction. The Stunner HD Series also comes equipped with high quality American Tackle tangle-free tips with Duralite rings and ring lock technology. The Stunner HD Series uses a proprietary Fitzgerald Rods high modulus blank that is specially engineered to be extremely sensitive and designed to last.

Every Fitzgerald Rods is made with saltwater grade components and can be used in fresh and saltwater with no issue.