Flambeau Turkey Decoy Masters Series Feeding Hen With Stake

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Once the decoy is set, movements generated by even the slightest breeze causes birds to quickly recognize their companions and close in fast. A standing version of a young bird. Jakes are found with flocks of hens and provide an immediate challenge to older breeding longbeards. Features: Soft, polyethylene foam construction. This turkey decoy comes with a grommet in the back for the exact location of the ground stakes. Open under-seams for quick and easy setups. Contents: Hen Decoy. Stakes.


  • Lightweight design allows for extremely life-like motion with minimal wind
  • Head design yields a tough rubber head painted to exactly replicate hens
  • Heads are mounted to a double thick foam body which yields a durable yet easily packable decoy
  • Stake color adds realism by simulating turkey leg