Flextone Turkey Decoy Funky Chicken

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The Funky Chicken revolutionary decoy design of a wimpy body shape and oversize neck automatically triggers aggressive behavior within all gobblers. It's old size doesn't intimate gobblers or even jakes and leads them to believe they can beat-up the Funky Chicken. The Funky Chicken's detailed paint scheme, oversized color neck and head and tall but skinny stature gets a gobbler's attention and then allows them to believe they can whip up on the Funky Chicken so you can get a close-range shot.
Evolved Flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy:
  • Body shape triggers aggressive behavior in gobblers
  • Oversize colored head
  • Makes gobblers ready to fight
  • Adjustable beard for jake or gobbler appearance
  • Has a metal stake for easy carry and insertion into ground