Flextone Turkey Decoy Thunder Chick Feeding Hen

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Durable blow-molded, one-piece decoys boast realistic painted feather details and true-to-life postures that attract potential suitors and jealous rivals. Each easy-to-pack Flextone Thunder Chick Hen Decoy includes a carbon-fiber stake. The Upright Hen's upright head signifies dominance to other hens and the higher profile also ensures greater visibility to incoming turkeys. Relaxed feather positioning adds another level of confidence. The Feeding Hen signifies contentment, as her low head, body and relaxed feather placement all convey a hen intent on her next bite to eat. Per each.


  • Durable blow-molded, one-piece decoys
  • Realistic painted feather details and true-to-life postures
  • Includes stake
  • Available: Upright Hen, Feeding Hen.
  • Material: Hard plastic