Frabill Aerator Runs On 2D Batteries

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SKU: F14203

Includes aerator hose & stone. Clips to any bucket. Aerates up to 6 gallons. Runs on two D batteries Effectively aerates up to 10 gallons. Includes aerator hose and stone. Runs on two D batteries. Clips to any bucket. 8.8"x 6.5"x 3"This combo pack transforms any bucket into an aerated bait station, at a wallet-friendly price.

Frabill is introducing an entirely new line of saltwater aerator systems. Specifically designed and tested to keep saltwater baitfish healthy and active, these pumps can convert any size cooler or livewell into an oxygen-rich aquarium.

  • Frabill Aerator Runs On 2D Batteries 6 gallons
  • Frabill Aqua Life Quiet Aerator Runs On 2D Batteries 10 Gallon