G5 Broadheads Crossbow T3 100 GR

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100% all steel construction. Spider Clip Blade retention system allows a user to tune their blade deployment. No blade pre-deployment. No rubber bands or o-rings. Customize blade tension with innovative Spider Clips. Great for high speed bows or crossbows. 1.5 cutting diameter. G5 Outdoors T3 100Gr Crossbow Broadhead "G5 T3 Crossbow Broadhead 100gr, :For hunters who remand pass-through and a big cut, the new T3 three-blade expandable broadhead is the answerFeaturing 100% steel construction and a huge 1 1/2"" cutting diameter, this brand new broadhead provides the best chance for complete pass-through and massive entrance and exit woundsYour outdoor sporting solution solvedTop quality combined with durability for extended reliability100 grain broadhead comes in value "

100% All Steel Construction. Customize Blade Tension with Innovative Spider Clips. No Blade Pre-Deployment. No Rubber Bands or O-Rings. Field Tip Profile in Closed Position. Mechancial broadhead. Cutting Diameter: 1-1/2". Steel ferrule material. Replaceable blades.