Gag's Whip-It Fish 4 Oz 6" Black

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Size: 4Oz
Color: Black
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Al Gag's Lures Whip-It Fish lures are soft plastic swim baits, but don't be fooled they aren't your average bait. These lures feature dual action head and paddle tailed style. They look phenomenal under the water's surface and fish can't resist. They are constructed with premium hand poured molds, this allows for better swimming action. The interchangeable heads of these baits come with super strong Mustad ultra point hooks.

  • 4Oz 6In Black
  • 4Oz 6In Blue Silver
  • 4Oz 6In Pearl
  • 4Oz 6In Blue Mackeral
  • 4Oz 6In Pearl
  • 4Oz 6In Green Mackeral

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