Galco Triton 2.0, Galco Tr158 Triton Sw J 640 Black

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Constructed of durable, virtually maintenance-free kydex, the triton 2.0 is fast on the draw, slender in profile, and easy to conceal.The firm holster body allows a smooth and easy return to the holster after the draw, while the raised sweat guard protects the pistol from corrosive perspiration and also protects the wearers skin from hard steel.This model has a black finish and is compatible with: charter arms undercover 2"; s&w j-frame 36 2", 60 2.125".357/38, 642, 649 bodyguard 2", 340pd, 640 centennial 2.125".357/38; taurus 327 2", 85 2", 85ch 2".

Belt Size: 1.5"
Type: Inside-The-Pant
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Hand: Right
Firearm Fit: S&W J Frame
Other Firearms Fit: Taurus 85 2"
Mount Type: Belt Clip
Gun Type: Handgun
Compartments: 1