Galco Tuck-n-go 2.0, Galco Tuc800b Tuck-n-go Glk 43 Blk

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Galco's tuck-n-go features an open top which allows for a fast draw once the concealing garment is swept up and away.The reinforced mouth allows for a smooth and easy return.Included is galco's gen iii j-hook used for the utmost conceal ability and the over the pants design is for hooking upward and only showing a small piece at the bottom.

Belt Size: 1.5"
Type: Inside-The-Pant
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Size: 3.3" Barrel
Hand: Right
Firearm Fit: Glock 43
Mount Type: Belt Clip
Gun Type: Pistol
Compartments: 1