Gamakatsu EWG X-Wide Offset Worm Hook

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Offset shank with a round bend for a wider bite. They are made with the point in line with the eye. When you set these Gamakatsu worm hooks, all the force goes to the point. This drives it through your plastic bait and into a hard, bony mouth. These worm hooks for bass fishing are made from stainless steel.

  • Sometimes the plastic baits we use are just too thick and heavy to rig on a standard worm hook, so Gamakatsu created their Extra Wide Gap hooks
  • With a regular Texas-rig, the point of the hook is pushed through the entire cross section of the bait and when a bass bites the lure, the plastic bait is pushed down exposing the point
  • Try them with big creature baits, big Senkos and those over sized worms with thick bodies
  • Point is in line with the eye
  • Worm hooks for bass fishing is built to drive through the plastic bait