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Garmin Fishing Hotpots Pro

Garmin Fishing Hotpots Pro



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Garmin Fishing Hot Spots Pro for Garmin microSD™/SD™ card

Model: 010-C1150-00
  • Adds hundreds of thousands of fish attractors to your preloaded Garmin LakeVü™ HD maps
  • Adds brush piles, road beds, submerged structures, timber, vegetation, foundations and clearly labeled creek channels
  • Includes unique, lake-specific fishing tips and techniques

A well-known, trusted name in the freshwater fishing market, Fishing Hot Spots Pro for Garmin is an excellent complement to your combo’s preloaded U.S. LakeVü HD maps. It adds hundreds of thousands of known fish attractors, brush piles, road beds, submerged structures and clearly labeled creek channels to your LakeVü HD maps. Fishing Hot Spots Pro for Garmin also tells you about vegetation and weed coverage, artificial habitat locations found in certain areas of lakes and much more.

Now you can discover the best places to find fish on nearly any lake you’re fishing - even if you’ve never fished there before. Fish like a local guide, using the tips and techniques extensively researched and validated by Fishing Hot Spots.

Fishing Tips - When you spot the blue fish icon, click on it to get tips on water characteristics, bait suggestions and more.

Find Submerged Roads and Foundations - Fish the edges of the submerged road beds. These are easy to spot as dotted black lines and are clearly labeled.

Target Your Cast - Thousands of trees, foundations, vegetation points and more are clearly labeled for you to find and target your cast.

Spot Submerged Creek Channels - Quickly spot a trolling path along a submerged creek channel from dam formations. You can’t miss these solid red lines!